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Transcending the language barrier to share exhilaration


“Transcending the language barrier” means to truly understand the nature of various languages, offering language support not just in English and Japanese, but in Chinese and other languages as well.


Our translations and content production can be seen in media featured around the globe. We constantly strive to broaden our scope of activity by seeking out new and meaningful projects in which to take part.


Our specialists adapt a diverse range of skills to fit the varied needs of our clients. The translation and content production introduced on our site is but a fraction of the possibilities we offer.

Manga to Movies, Games, Animation and More

With projects ranging from the forefront of popular culture to Japan’s most prestigious tradition and history, we offer language support and content production to our clients that connect Japan with the world, allowing people around the globe to share in the same exhilaration.

Phase Six works with restaurants and luxury hotels

Phase Six provides language support to Hotel Chinzanso Toyko, the renowned Japanese brand luxury hotel. With translations of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s historically and culturally rich array of stay plans, special menus, and unique activities, the work of Phase Six helps to convey the traditional beauty and daily activities of the hotel to a wide range of international audiences.

“Phase Six expresses the deeply complex nuances of Japan’s culture, foods, and hospitality while providing extremely swift translation services. We sincerely thank them for the support that they provide by warmly and accurately conveying the appeal of our hotel as a place where people of all cultures gather.”Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, Marketing Department

Our Services

From localization to design and content production, Phase Six provides an array of services to businesses and creators around the world. We work flexibly to cater to the unique needs of every one of our clients.


We pride ourselves on conveying not just words, but intent and nuance in language. This has allowed our staff to create unique work that is tailor-made to the needs of our clients.


A network of talented artists and designers from both in and outside Japan work with us to produce content for packaging, pamphlets, comics, character design, and more. International artists create unlimited possibilities in creativity.


Language portrays identity, and even the smallest error or oversight in English can send the wrong message to foreign business partners. Our proofreading ensures that the message of our clients is conveyed authentically to the world.

And a whole lot more. Curious?

Phase 6 translated award-winning Japanese arthouse comedy HospitalitéA film by Koji Fukada

Featured Artists

Naoto Tsushima
Manga Artist
Hayato Sakamoto
Manga Artist
Tomoya Hosono
Graphic Artist
Graphic Artist
Phase 6 acts as an intermediary for preeminent proponents of Japanese popular culture

Phase 6 can act as an intermediary to help you commission creative work for a diverse range of projects such as comics, events, artwork for printed materials or for large format and signage. The artists currently working with us are but the beginning of a network of artists Phase 6 is planning to continue to expand into the future.

For requests or job offers for these artists, please contact us at


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