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How Phase 6 can help you succeed

Language is more than mere words.

From localization to design and content production, Phase Six provides an array of services to businesses and creators around the world. We work flexibly to cater to the unique needs of every one of our clients.


We pride ourselves on conveying not just words, but intent and nuance in language. This has allowed our staff to create unique work that is tailor-made to the needs of our clients.


A network of talented artists and designers from both in and outside Japan work with us to produce content for packaging, pamphlets, comics, character design, and more. International artists create unlimited possibilities in creativity.


Language portrays identity, and even the smallest error or oversight in English can send the wrong message to foreign business partners. Our proofreading ensures that the message of our clients is conveyed authentically to the world.

Translation Services

In business mail, marketing copy, presentations, etc., a translation is often mistaken for being complete when words are changed from one language to another. More important, however, is the intent shown in the words. Directly translated words cannot properly convey a sense of fun, ingenuity, or humor. To do so requires a skilled translator with a deep understanding of the cultures behind both languages.

At Phase Six, this understanding has allowed us to successfully complete challenging jobs, such as conveying the awe-inspiring history of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, a residence of former prime minister Yamagata Aritomo. In an entirely different genre, when we worked on the Yo-kai Watch card game, we were able to translate its uniquely Japanese mythology to be enjoyed by international audiences. We pride ourselves on the ability to convey more than words; the true appeal of the source material.

Proofreading Services

The smallest error can make a huge difference in impression. English is said to be one of the most challenging languages in the world, due to its wide variety of word use, idiomatic expression, and other factors. Because of this, the difference in the writing of a native speaker of English and a non-native is typically very noticeable. Leave it to us to bridge this gap. Phase Six is the ideal partner in conveying the message you want to send to valued foreign clients… and avoiding the one you don’t.

Our work can be seen in the websites and advertisements of numerous major corporations. We eliminate careless errors to create an atmosphere of true professionalism in our clients’ messages.

Content Creation Services

Phase Six harnesses the creative might of top-class artists and designers to convey the ingenuity of Japan to the rest of the world. By transcending the language barrier, our designs span packages, posters, comics, and other media featured around the world. Language is not the end result of our work: it is a “circuit” allowing new information and media to be transmitted. Say the word, and we’ll bring some of Japan’s most talented creators to work on your project.