Translation, Proofreading and Content Production for Cool Japan

About Phase 6

Everything you need to know about who we are

The translations of Phase Six Inc. can be seen in media ranging from films, to tourism, to toys and hobbies.

Our staff is comfortable providing translations for a wide variety of subjects, and the secret to our accurate and affordable work can be summed up in one word:


Language learning courses often claim that a person can “become bilingual,” but the truth is that achieving near-native skill in two languages almost always requires both a high natural affinity for language, and practice from a young age. It can be compared to ambidexterity: anyone can learn to hold a pencil in their left hand, but how many can write equally well with both right and left?

More than evolution, our business model can be called a new mutation of the translation industry.

While most translation companies must employ separate translators and checkers, our bilingual staff effectively does the job of two people, since they are able to understand both Japanese and English with no weak points in their knowledge. Thus, operating with a compact and efficient business model, we are able to deliver accurate and reasonably priced work to our clients all over the world.

Corporate Philosophy

Phase Six uses linguistic skills and international knowledge to flexibly attend to the needs of clients. Unrestricted by the boundaries of current convention, we make it our purpose to seek out new solutions.

Compliance Policy

In order to maintain sound corporate governance, and carry out its duties in an ethical and legally compliant manner, Phase Six Inc. has established the following compliance policy:

  • We pledge that in our business operations, we will place the highest priority on ethical and legal compliance.
  • We recognize the importance of protecting personal information and classified information. All of our staff and employees pledge to exercise the appropriate caution in the handling of said information.
  • We recognize the social responsibility we hold in our business operations. To carry out said operations in a sound and responsible manner, we actively maintain a policy forbidding interactions with anti-social groups that threaten the order and safety of society.