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It is no secret that the skill of Japanese artists and designers is respected around the world. However, surprisingly few have brought this skill to the international stage. The reason is that to utilize sophisticated skills, language ability must be just as sophisticated. Language is the circuit connecting Japanese skill with international business.

In 2014, Phase Six worked with manga artist Hayato Sakamoto to create the art for “Hoist the Flag,” the comic for official Transformers event BotCon 2014, which celebrated the 30 years of the brand’s history in America. This collaboration between a Japanese artist and American writer created a truly international work.

In the opposite case, we have also managed the work of overseas artists for Japanese media. We like to think that our business model has brought about new possibilities in business and art, to Japan and the world.

Naoto Tsushima

Naoto Tsushima is a prolific manga artist who has written and illustrated comics based on famous properties such as Gundam, Transformers, Super Robot Wars, and Getter Robo during the course of his 20-year career.


Well known for his enthusiasm toward fans, he often makes appearances at conventions and gatherings. His first serialized work in America was as the artist for Transformers comic series “Alone Together,” which was published bimonthly in the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club Magazine.

Hayato Sakamoto

Hayato Sakamoto is a manga artist who made his professional debut after many years of refining his illustrations as a fan artist. He is known for the intense attention to detail and wide range of expression in his artistic style.


Also an avid event organizer, his gatherings of artists have become known as great sources of new talent. After working on the Transformers brand in Japan, he was selected to illustrate “Hoist the Flag,” the 2014 comic for BotCon, Hasbro’s official Transformers convention. The year marked the 20th anniversary of the event, and the 30th anniversary of the Transformers brand as a whole.

Tomoya Hosono

Tomoya Hosono is an illustrator living in Yokohama city, Japan. His work reflects heavy influence of western comics, plastic models, and toys of the 80s.


In addition to managing other artists, Tomoya works on various illustrations and designs, many of which are heavily influenced by 80s pop culture. Experiencing the wave of western comic popularity at a younger age, he has always aspired exaggerated art. He established his own style through reading western comics in his scholar days.


Born in 1994, DAI-XT is an upcoming artist with unique textural styles.


DAI-XT is an illustrator who specializes in thickly painted mechas and non-human beings. He values style over realism. Born in 1995, DAI-XT is a graduate of Yokohama Design School. He received a Special Prize in the Twitter Only Transformer Illustration Contest held by Takara Tomy. Having been posting his illustrations on the internet since elementary school, DAI-XT debuted as a professional artist following his fan activities. He has also provided various works for Transformer fan event posters and leaflets.

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