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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

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Phase Six and Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Phase Six provides language support to Hotel Chinzanso Toyko, the renowned Japanese brand luxury hotel. With translations of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s historically and culturally rich array of stay plans, special menus, and unique activities, the work of Phase Six helps to convey the traditional beauty and daily activities of the hotel to a wide range of international audiences.

About Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is a Japanese luxury hotel that for its 60-year history has been synonymous with history, tradition, and trust, holding a service standard that attracts elite clientele from around the world. The land was originally purchased by Yamagata Aritomo, the 3rd and 9th Prime Minister of Japan, who named it “Chinzanso” (villa on the hill of camellias). To this day, its lush, forest-like gardens allow guests the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the seasons. With restaurants, guest rooms, and bridal and banquet facilities that create new bonds between people, the hotel’s cherry blossoms of spring, lush green of summer, autumn leaves, and snowy winter camellias will allow guests to forget that they are in the bustling city, and experience a special, relaxing moment.